It has been such a wonderful experience to work with Cynthia for our elopement photography. I normally become very self-conscious as soon as I see a camera, but she was so professional that we both felt completely comfortable having her around, and as a result, our pictures look great and are the perfect thing to show to our family and friends who were not there the day of. Everyone was so incredibly enthusiastic about the photo’s and we’ll cherish them forever.
— Tine Destrooper & Jef de Slegte
It was an incredible experience working with Cynthia, she had an amazing knack for angles and lighting. She had a very keen eye for what shots capture the essence and message that the artist is attempting to get across.
It was a pleasure to have our wedding day captured by Cynthia. We had a very busy wedding day schedule involving photo shooting at multiple locations, and Cynthia was able to delivered high quality photos. She was very willing to listen to our requests and take the pictures in a style that we want. She was also very courteous and responsive during the consultation. Overall we really enjoyed working with Cynthia.
— Gerald and Angelina
Cynthia knew what I wanted even when I couldn’t fully express it. She was open, honest and has transformed my image into a true representation of myself as an artist, and I could not be more grateful for that.
— Nicole Rodriguez


Cynthia Lee is a young Asian-American photographer who currently resides in New York City. This website contains her work from the last seven years. She is the owner of Max and also the co-founder of Maxpack.

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peopleofhereandthere or putawoofovermyhead.

New York University 2019

BFA in Photography & Imaging

Cynthia was a gem of a photographer for my engagement party. Her past experience had a wide range of excellent work and I was excited to see her creativity shine through a business casual setting. During the party Cynthia did not interrupt the flow but still captured the essence of the joyous occasion. Following the event, she provided an excellent selection of final copies in a timely manner and made sure to share the photos in various outlets to ensure receipt. I would highly recommend Cynthia to anyone for any kind of event and I can’t wait to reach back out for my next party.
— Jonathan Trock